Net impact


Revenio Group’s Net impact

The net impact of Revenio’s sustainability and business was assessed in 2022 by the net impact assessment model of Upright, an independent assessment company, upon Revenio’s request. The assessment model measures positive and negative impacts throughout a company’s value chain. Upright's assessment offers Revenio's stakeholders a view through a database of Revenio's effects on people, the environment, society and information.

The analysis examined the overall net impact of the company’s operations through four main categories:

  • Society
  • Health
  • The environment
  • The creation and distribution of knowledge

The net impact analysis is based on machine learning and its main data sources are scientific articles. The analysis reveals the impacts of the company’s products and services throughout the value chain, thereby providing valuable input for the development of our products and operations, for example.

Revenio’s most significant and relevant positive impacts concern people’s health. The company’s products and services have a significant positive impact when they are used for the diagnosis of physical ocular disease and preventing other disease in addition to ocular disease.

Revenio’s positive impacts in an industry that requires high-level expertise also include the creation of new knowledge. Revenio also has a positive impact on society through the payment of taxes.

Knowledge and competence capital is a key resource in an expert organization. It is assigned a negative value in the net impact analysis for all companies, and this is also the case for Revenio, albeit to a small degree. The analysis takes the perspective that knowledge capital accumulated through people is a finite resource in our world, and the use of knowledge capital has a negative impact regardless of what it is used for.

The analysis found that Revenio’s negative environmental impacts, such as impact on climate change, are moderate in relation to the positive impacts and are mainly associated with raw materials, logistics and the supply chain, as well as the waste generated in manufacturing and the decommissioning of products.

Revenio’s net positive impact was among the highest in the Nasdaq Helsinki group of companies, which has a negative weighted net impact mainly due to environmental emissions. Revenio’s positive net impact profile is also higher than its peers on average when comparing companies in the health and medical sector globally.