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Revenio is a global leader in ophthalmological devices and software solutions. We focus on eye care solutions; our objective is to improve the quality of clinical diagnostics with targeted product innovations and software solutions.

Revenio Group's ophthalmic diagnostic solutions include intraocular pressure measurement devices under the iCare brand, retinal imaging devices and perimeters as well as related software solutions. The main tools for the detection and diagnosis of glaucoma and its monitoring during treatment are intraocular pressure measurement (tonometry), retinal imaging, and visual field tests (perimetry).

We enable efficient diagnostics of eye diseases

We use Finnish technology to improve the quality of life of people around the world. Health care megatrends, such as aging populations and a global need for cost savings, support our growth targets.

During 2016-2022, Revenio has been taking market share with a CAGR of approximately 27% revenue growth rate compared to the market growth rate of approximately 4-5%. The relevant global market for Revenio is the market for ophthalmic diagnostic devices, which has had an average annual growth rate of just over 4%. Revenio aims to continue improvement in market share of all main products. The company is targeting to reach a growth rate of 3 times faster than the ophthalmic diagnostic device market growth 2025 onwards.

Revenio aims to pay a sustainable dividend that does not endanger the parent company’s or group’s liquidity. Revenio is a growth company and if attractive M&A opportunities arise, Revenio may adjust the dividend payout levels to fund the potential transactions. Revenio aims to keep a strong balance sheet to support any M&A opportunities that will accelerate profitable growth. 

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