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Strategy period 2024–2026

Our updated growth strategy keeps focusing on the eye care market, aiming to improve clinical diagnostics' quality through specific product innovations. Moreover, the objective is to streamline clinical care pathways via connected and predictive eye care solutions. To accomplish these goals, we enhance our customer-centric approach within operations and sales while developing further our people and culture as fundamental strengths. As a part of the strategy work, we have reviewed our ESG priorities and KPIs, establishing targets for the forthcoming years centered on creating value for stakeholders, society, people, and the planet.

The cornerstones of the updated strategy for 2024–2026 are:

  • Improve the quality of clinical diagnostics with targeted product innovations

  • Optimize clinical care pathways with connected and predictive solutions

  • Enhance customer focus in operations & sales

  • Continue to develop People & Culture as a foundational strength

  • Continue sustainable and profitable growth

Competitive advantages

Knowledge and people

  • Knowledge of the industry and global markets

  • Distribution channels

  • World-class quality products and processes


  • Research and development

  • Steady cash flow from sensor sales

  • Utilizing IP-protected Finnish inventions


  • Strong and respected iCare brand


  • Volume flexible production model

Financial position strong

  • Profitability and balance sheet

  • Shareholder value

Growth drivers

Health care facing unprecedented global challenges

The global megatrends are providing us long term eye care market growth opportunities. In our view the demand for global eye care is increasing due to the aging and growing population, along with changing lifestyles. Comprehensive eye care delivery systems are becoming more important due to the increased system costs and resource shortages. Furthermore, the demand for telehealth and remote monitoring across markets is continuing to increase also due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global trends support our growth:

  • Aging populations with lifestyle-related diseases

  • Advancement in ophthalmic treatment

  • Insufficient eye care workforces

  • Changing healthcare landscape

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