The CEO and Management Team members

Jouni Toijala picture
Jouni Toijala, B.Sc., MBA (b. 1968)
CEO, Revenio Group Corporation

Jouni started as CEO of Revenio Group Corporation and its' subsidiaries since May 18, 2020. Jouni has experience in international business as well as in the health technology and software businesses. Before joining Revenio, Jouni has worked as CEO at Innokas Medical Oy and Symbio Finland Oy and in executive positions at Nokia UK Ltd and Meridea Financial Software UK Ltd. Jouni is a Member of the Board of Directors at Cubist IT Ab. 

Heli Vatanen
Heli Huopaniemi, M.Sc. (b. 1972)
QA Manager, Icare Finland Ltd, QA Director, Revenio Group Corporation

Heli has held the position of QA Manager at Icare Finland since 2010. Previously Heli has worked as QA Manager at Plexpress Oy, as CTO at CTT Cancer Targeting Technologies Ltd and as Research Scientist at University of Helsinki, Haartman Institute. She was appointed a member of Revenio Group’s Management Team from 1 February, 2018.

Ari Isomäki
Ari Isomäki (b. 1966)
Operations Director, Icare Finland Ltd

Ari has been Operations Director of Icare Finland since September 2012. He has 20 years of experience of executive positions in production, purchasing and logistics in companies operating in national and international markets, such as Perlos and Ensto. He was appointed a member of Revenio Group’s Management Team from 1 June 2016.

Tomi Karvo
Tomi Karvo, M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA (b. 1966)
Sales and Marketing Director, Icare Finland Ltd

Tomi has spent 20 years working in various managerial positions in international business and sales and marketing in the field of health technology. His former employers include Datex-Ohmeda, Spacelabs, Perlos and Medisize. His latest position was that of Hospital Division Director at Serres Oy. He was one of the forerunners who introduced the Medical IT business to Germany and Austria and has participated in numerous corporate acquisitions while employed by Datex-Ohmeda and Perlos. He was was appointed a member of Revenio Group’s Management Team starting from August 6, 2015.

Robin Pulkkinen, CFO
Robin Pulkkinen, M.Sc. (Econ.) (b. 1980)
CFO, Revenio Group Corporation

Robin joined Revenio from the position of Symbio´s EMEA area CFO. Priot to this, Robin held several managerial positions in international corporations both in Finland and Canada. He has solid experience in various financial management roles. Robin was appointed CFO of Revenio Group Corporation on July 15, 2015 and has been a member of Revenio Group´s Management Team since August 6, 2015.

Mika Salkola
Mika Salkola, M.Sc. (b. 1962)
R&D Directos, tonometers, Icare Finland Ltd, R&D Director, Revenio Research Oy

Mika has worked as R&D Direcotr of Icare Finland since September 2015. Mika has extensive experience in R&D. He has over 20 years of experience in international R&D operations, among others at Thermo Fisher Scientic and Vaisala. He was appointed a member of Revenio Group´s Management Team from 1 February, 2018.

Giuliano Barbaro
Giuliano Barbaro (M.Sc. Eng.) (b. 1971)
R&D Director of Imaging Devices

Giuliano Barbaro has spent 20 years working in various managerial positions in the field of diagnostic ophthalmology. He previously served as R&D manager at Nidek Technologies, a subsidiary of Nidek Co. and then contributed to the foundation of CenterVue, acting as the CEO in the early years and later on leading the R&D division. Giuliano was appointed a member of Revenio Group Corporation's  Management Team from January 1, 2020. 

The members of the Boards of Directors of Revenio Group Corporation’s fully owned subsidiaries are elected from Group management. Persons who have employment agreements or service contracts with Group companies are not paid a separate fee for membership on the Boards of Directors of subsidiary companies. The responsibilities of the Boards of subsidiaries are provided for in legislation. Business control of the subsidiaries takes place through the parent company's Board of Directors, President & CEO, the subsidiary’s Managing Director, and the Group’s management system.